Gavin Minter - My Return To Paradise

Gavin Minter - My Return To Paradise

Released March 2012

Track Listing

1. Let Your Love Shine
2. Jesse
3. Don't Look Back
4. I'll Come Running
5. Jazzy Girl
6. Oh Africa
7. My Return To Paradise
8. Love (It Don't Come Easy)
9. Silent Solace
10. Till I'm In The Light
11. Mercy
12. Crystal And Mint
13. Was It Here
14. 10th January

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Jazz Crooner visits his love for Folk and Acoustic Rock

Two years ago Gavin Minter was nominated for a SAMA Award in the best Jazz Album category - so this release might come as a surprise to some of you.

Growing up in a family of musicians - Gavin was exposed to many genres of music. His love of Jazz came from his parents - but his love of Folk and Acoustic Rock came from his siblings. His brother Tam [also a musician] was a true fan of Bob Dylan, Van Morrisson, Crosby Stills, Loggins and Messina, Carly Simon and all that beautiful music from the late 60's and through the 70's. Between his other brother and sister - artists like Bad Company, David Bowie, T Rex, Rare Earth, Grand Funk, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones and other Acoustic Rock bands were continually played around the house.

This is where the inspiration for the album lies. Its a very personal commentary on his life - told with the help of beautiful melodies and great vocals delivered with a sincerity and honesty that gives the listener an opportunity to understand his journey. There is a melancholiac undertone that only time and promise can offer itself as relief. There are also memories drenched in nostalgia that take you back to days long gone. There are also tunes that make you wish that you were on Route 66, with the top down, and the next stop was a long way away.

The musicians on the album are first call to most top artists in South Africa. Mark Fransman [who co-produced the album] is on piano and piano accordion, Dave Ledbetter, Gorm Helfjord and Albert Frost handle the guitar work, Luna Paige and Melanie Scholtz on backing vocals, Kevin Gibson on drums, Wesley Rustin on bass, Dave Ferguson on mouth organ and even the UCT Jazz Choir under the direction of Amanda Tiffin were called in.

Gavin has released 5 previous albums covering different genres. Funk rock - Acid Jazz - Jazz Standards - Jazz Big Band and R&B. All these album have a distinct thread that brings them all together. Gavin Minter's voice. Sometimes heard in audio and sometimes felt in the body of his work - but none the less - his Voice.

From the Liner Notes

This album has been a long time coming. It’s been fifteen years since I did an original album, so these tunes were written over that period. I revisited my love of folk and acoustic rock and wrote mostly on the guitar. These stories document an interesting time for me.

A time of new beginnings, my marriage, the birth of my daughter, the loss of my father and a dedicated commitment to living a life of worth. This process in satisfying the need to record my life’s course, is both cathartic and compelling. I hope you enjoy the journey thus far ......