Gavin Minter - The Second Time Around

Gavin Minter - The Second Time Around

Released 1997, Chord Records, chord 11

Track Listing

1. The Second Time Around
2. It Might As Well Be Spring
3. Lush Life
4. Time After Time
5. My One And Only Love
6. My Funny Valentine
7. It's Alright With Me
8. I Wish You Love
9. Young Girl
10. Nobody Wins (In The End)


I consider "The Second Time Around" from Gavin Minter, to be the best male vocal album to be released by a South African singer.
It's splendid repertoire, mainly standards ranging from the Latin sounding "It Might As Well Be Spring" to the moving rendition of "Lush Life" to the light swinging "Time After Time". Superb backing by Johnny Fourie, Marc Duby, Tony Moore and Denzil Weale, makes this a highly recommended CD.
The Second Time Around Don Albert - Roots Magazine

There is a typical African expression for Gavin Minter's talent on this album. "u' yincele' beleni" Loosely it translates into "it's in his genes". It makes sense when you learn that he grew up in a jazz family with mom and dad being ardent jazz lovers and musicians. It also explains why he chose "The Second Time Around" to perform standards.
But something happened to him in New York, because it is that trip that gave birth to the concept of this album, an album which projects a very mature Gavin. Listen to his gentle interpretation of Billy Strayhorn's "Lush Life" and the gentle but bold way he performs "It Might as Well Be Spring". Definitely a milestone in his career, I'm glad he decided to share it with us before taking it to the rest if the world.
The Second Time Around - Jazz Heritage Magazine - Shado Twala